What is Zerodha and which product is Zerodha offer?

What Is Zerodha?

Everyone wants to make money in online stock trading but all cannot get success. For the right action’s we have to choose the right online trading investment platform. Which can give us all the necessary tools which we require in this field? We require an online trading (Zerodha) application that is fast, easy, accurate, and also secure.

I love to prefer all those people to Zerodha who want to trade online.  Zerodha is a Bangalore based company that is founded by Nithin Kamath in 2010. Zerodha allows us to trade in the Commodities market, Retail market, mutual funds, and also bonds. Zerodha is famous for its lowest brokerage charges, no hidden charges, and also fees levied by this application. And also Zerodha also famous for its advance technical application’s which is easy to use and understand. Zerodha also provides many free applications and plugins on his platform. Now Zerodha is India’s biggest broking company. Zerodha allows his customers to do trading on the lowest brokerage rate. Zerodha has even an API integration system.

Zerodha stock market platform

Top Advantage of Zerodha

  • Offers Lowest brokerage Charges
  • Easy to use
  • Zerodha Support
  • Brokerage the calculator which helps to calculate all charges
  • Zerodha Platform & Technology
  • Advanced technical chart

How to open an account at Zerodha?​

Now we can easily open an account in Zerodha. We have to pay just 300 RS for the trading account. We can submit our all documents online. You can follow this link and also get the complete guide for the account opening Click here

Products of Zerodha


Kite is a powerful, easy, light Web, and also mobile trading application. On the dashboard of application 5 tabs of MarketWatch in every tab 20 selectable company. A very clear and also dashing dashboard where we can track our equity and commodity balance. And also we can see our Invested amount and P&L amount on the dashboard.  Easy sleek buy-sell options just click on the company on MarketWatch. With a beautiful dashboard, the kite is more preferable compared to the other stock trading application, which is easy to use and has clear instructions.



The Console is a backward platform. Where we can see our credit and also debit entry’s which is done in commodity and equity.  In the console, we can find reports and portfolio sections where we can check our trading reports and also portfolio actions.

Zerodha Console


The Coin is a direct mutual fund investment platform of Zerodha. We can invest unlimited in mutual funds without paying any commission and also any hidden charges. We can access coin as With Zerodha kite.​​

Kite API

Kite API a free programming platform which is powered by Zerodha.The first time in India where users can access their account as per their own choices. Users can put orders and also exit as they want and they can access such data, funds, and profiles as per their own choice. Kite API also useful for big retailers and also companies who want programmed trade applications, where they can write their own scripts and run into the backend. they can handle their trading account as they want.

Zerodha Kite Api


Varsity is the world’s largest online free trading education platform. Varsity is a good platform for those people who are new for trading and those who lost lots of their hard-earned money. Varsity gives us knowledge of the stock market, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, F & O market, and also risk management. Varsity is available in both Hindi and English language.  In this application, all modules are free and also easy to understand. All modules wrote by Varsity update new information from time to time so the user can update with the current market.

Zerodha Varsity App


Sentinel, is a free live market trigger system platform. Sentinel is a real-time alarm. Where we can set triggers for our stock. In this application, we can set a trigger for the price, trade quantity, and also volume.  With this application, we can alert our favorite stock. We can get alert notifications in various options like e-mail, message, or at Zerodha notification.

zerodha sentinel


SmallCase is an intellectual suitcase where we have the option to buy selected stocks which are selected by professionals. We don’t have to choose those stocks which we didn’t understand. SmallCase a platform where we don’t need trade on those stocks provided by ‘stock gurus’ who are a fraud. And also we don’t have to click on every single stock in SmallCase we can trade by just click on the buy button and also we can choose the best stocks. We can track all stocks separately. SmallCase is easy to use and understand. We can track all stock positions on the dashboard.


Streak is a free ALGO trading platform. Where we can create our own algorithms with just some clicks without coded them. We can create ALGO on the live market and also can check the performance matrix lives. We can make our own ALGO and we can deploy them into the live market to enter or exit in stocks once all things will be ok our ALGO will work. With streak, we can fix our strategy with the stock market.  


Sensibull, is India’s first free options trading platform. That is one of the best application provided by Zerodha. Sensibull gives us the reports that the stock in three ways like it’s will be up, down or natural. Sensibull provides us the information of option chain, open interest analysis, options screener, FII DII data, and also call & put option’s analysis.  We can trade easily with sensibull as we have to search for an option stock and select a correct strategy and also we can place an order.

Q. Is Zerodha Sensibull free? 

Yes, It’s free for all Zerodha users

Golden Pi

Golden pi is India’s first online platform for investment in bonds & debentures. Golden PI just simplified the entire process for the bond investment. By this platform, we can select easily the bonds and also can direct investment.


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