How to Make Money Online from WhatsApp: in 2020

Welcome to another article belonging to the ‘make money online’. So today in this article, we will describe to you some awesome ways that you may use to make money from WhatsApp. Make Money Online from WhatsApp –

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application on the internet. We can see that a social media platform is a very effective way to make money online. And also WhatsApp is one of them. WhatsApp is free to use application. WhatsApp is not running any money-making type of campaign so it does not give you the way to make direct money. But we can use WhatsApp as a supporting platform to make money. Here are the best tactics to make money using WhatsApp-

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1.      Use WhatsApp as Affiliate Marketing

The easiest way to make money from WhatsApp is by sharing affiliate links. First of all, find a rewarding platform that will pay you a high amount and also register on that site to become an affiliate marketer. Collect your unique URL from that platform Share it with your friends. After this create a group of your friends and also share the affiliate link among all. Sharing affiliate links with a group of people are the most effective way to make money from Whatsapp. this is the simplest way to make money online from WhatsApp. 

And also you can convenient them to make an online purchase from your link, or you can offer them some bucks to do this. Whenever your friend will click on that link they will automatically redirect to the page. The main aim should be to purchase the ‘product’ from the shared link. And also that purchase will be credited to your affiliate account and you will get some commission on the product.

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2.     Grow your Business by using  WhatsApp Business

The second way of making money through WhatsApp is to convert your ordinary account into a WhatsApp business account. Business Account is only used by business owners to provide help and information about their products and services. This one is an effective and easy way as we can use WhatsApp business as a marketing tool. We can provide services to the customer through WhatsApp Business and also can use it to resolve any queries related to your product and service.

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A.    Sell your own products on WhatsApp business

Another way to make money through WhatsApp is to earn money online by selling your own product. You can create a group if you have below 250 contacts, or create a broadcast group if you have more than 250 contacts. After then create a promotional message or create an attractive design for your product. Fix a routine for the promotion and do the routine promotion of your product or service. This thing will attract customers to your product and interested people will order you for your products.

You can market your products and services without paying an amount. Add home delivery options to your business services, due to which people can place orders online and you can send your order to a divisional address. Also, add cash on delivery (COD) or online payment options so the customer can do an easy transaction. They can feel a better service and a satisfying experience. By doing this customers will order repeatedly. This way you can make money by selling your goods on WhatsApp. Make sure that your objective should be to make your customers happy with your services.

B.    Use WhatsApp business as a marketing tool

As you know that through WhatsApp, you can market your service and product without paying for it. You can promote your brand through promotion activities. You can create high-quality content for your promotions and share with your customer. You can also use Whatsapp business as feedback or complaint number and address their curiosity about your product. 

Benefits of using WhatsApp Business


  •          You can create a product catalog for your product

  •         Label creation

  •          Quick reply option

  •         Option to create your company profile like – Name, address, working hour, website, e-mail and more

3.     Use as a Referral Program

Today, many applications on the Internet can give you money just by downloading them. And also if you refer your friends to download those applications, you will get some commissions for it. And also if your friends will purchase any kind of stuff from that site then even you will receive some amount of commission. So first of all, you have to find that type of application that can give you a higher commission payout. You can make money by referring the application to your friends. And also this is a simple way to make money online.

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Top applications which give you money by downloading them –

  •           Google opinion reward
  •            Perk app

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